Vegan´s sweet life

akce příroda
Místo Ekocentrum Dúbrava Hodonín
Věk 16–26 let
Cena 200 Kč
Kontaktní osoba Veronika Vlačuhová
734 392 735
Akce je vhodná i pro ty, co s námi jedou poprvé.

Co na nás čeká

Do you have a sweet tooth?

We do!

Discover that a passion for sweets can be healthy and

We will cook vegan sweets together as a group.

Participants will learn more about VEGAN lifestyle, new cuisine ideas and share their ideas with one another.

Competitions and funny games are also included.

In addition to this, we will also work in nature.

Co, kde a jak

Meeting new people, practice your English, learn how to be more creative in the kitchen with sweet vegan food will be enriching experience, which might contribute of strong friendships and team work.

Dobrovolnická pomoc

Work in the garden in Ekocentrum Dúbrava Hodonín

Malá ochutnávka

This event is organised by our EVS volunteer:
Marina from Russia and Serafima from Ukraine

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hodonín :)


Organizační tým

Těší se na tebe Veronika, Marina, Serafima.


Kontaktní osoba: Veronika Vlačuhová
Telefon: 734 392 735