Volunteer is IN

„Volunteer is someone really strange – is working and getting no salary. But volunteer is doing something really useful, there is probably nobody else to do it. Maybe the volunteer likes it, finds it important, and maybe learns something out of the volunteering…“


These are the most frequent discussion topics during the Volunteer is IN educational programmes. Most of the students have no personal experience with volunteering, have never seen any volunteer live. It´s great to have a chance to introduce volunteering, its importance for nature and landscape and for the volunteers themselves. As I´m just a few years older and I can remember the high school experience really well, they can believe me that volunteering is not something weird. As I´m not a native speaker the boys and girls are not that much affraid to talk to me, we both are making mistakes in grammar 😊

I´m really glad, that there´s a lot of students really interrested in volunteering for nature, joining the weekend events in different localities all around the country.

The project Volunteering for nature is supported by Ministerstvo životního prostředí ČR. The project may not be consistent with the MŽP official opinions.

Stelyian Naskov Michkov, EVS volunteer  Hnutí Brontosaurus

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