About weekend events

What is a weekend event like, What are the Holidays with the Brontosaurus like?

Meaningful work for the environment or historic objects, intense experiences and a weekend rest from everyday hustle and bustle – that is what the Brontosaurus Movement weekend events stand for.

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What to expect

  • Registration – write to a provided contact e-mail two or three weeks before the beginning of an event that you chose. Organizers will send you detailed information – what things you should take with you and how to get to a rendezvous point

  • Arrival – every participant arranges his or her own transportation to a specified place; a weekend event usually starts Friday evening. Sometimes, an official meeting takes place in a railway station in a nearby city – tickets are cheaper that way

  • Accommodation – always under a roof of a heated room, often in an old cottage or a castle. We sleep on sleeping mats in our own sleeping bags

  • Food – if our food cannot be provided by local people, we’ll send you a list of ingredients that we’ll need you to bring. During the whole event, we’ll be using these ingredients to cook for you

During an event

  • Meeting each other – you can expect games that will help you to get to know other people. Our participants are mostly high school and university students, but, usually, there are also some people who are working already

  • Work – in natural (environmental) and cultural localities, we work 5 to 8 hours (only on Saturday). Our work varies – for example, it can consist of meadow mowing or castle restoration

  • Program – through experiential education activities, we learn more about the place that we help. You will also participate in personal development games and get to know other people better

  • Education – this means lectures or field trips (natural localities), or a guided tour with a warden (castles)

  • Departure – a weekend event usually ends Sunday noon, so that each participant can be home Sunday evening

Choose one of our weekend events and register for it