About summer camps

What is a weekend event like? What are the Holidays with the Brontosaurus Movement like?

Summer holidays events called Prázdniny s Brontosaurem (“Holidays with the Brontosaurus Movement”) last one to two weeks. During that time, there is always an opportunity to do some meaningful work and to make new friends who’ll be with you for many years to come.

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What to expect

  • Registration – write to a provided contact e-mail one or two months before the beginning of summer holidays – organizers will send you a short questionnaire. Once you fill it in and send it back to them, they will inform you if they accept you. If so, you will receive additional information

  • Arrival – usually, every participant arranges his or her own transportation to a specified rendezvous point; quite often, participants (now in a group or groups) are asked to hike from that place to a campsite proper

  • Accommodation – in teepees, military hangars, tents, or a castle chamber. We sleep on sleeping mats in our own sleeping bags

  • Food – you don’t have to pay anything extra for food, it’s already included in a fee for each event; sometimes, all food is vegetarian

  • Fee – represents only a part of event expenses – you pay the rest with your work

During an event

  • Meeting each other – mainly high school and university students participate in the Prázdniny s Brontosaurem project; the majority of participants do not know each other beforehand. Therefore, each event begins with games that will allow you to get to know other participants

  • Work – in natural and cultural localities, we work 5 to 8 hours a day. Our work varies – for example, it can consist of meadow mowing or minor landscape monument restoration

  • Program – gradually, we get to know each other better through experiential education activities. After that, organizers will make us face challenges that can be overcome only by teamwork

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