Summer camps

Holidays upside down – that is just one way to sum up the experience of Prázdniny s Brontosaurem (“Holidays with the Brontosaurus movement”, abbreviated as “PsB”). Within this project, a number of summer events for people aged 15 to 26 (and others as well) take place each year. Do you want to spend a few days in a different way? You can expect summer camps with unforgettable experiences, new friends, and a large selection of interesting activities connected with voluntary work, carried out where it is needed the most. Join us.

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What exactly can you expect from the Prázdniny s Brontosaurem project?

  • Days full of unconventional experiences

  • New friends

  • Unique places that are often inaccessible to the general public

  • Meaningful work

  • Interesting information on environmental issues, historic objects, culture, and history

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Want to get involved?

Summer camps

The most typical work we do is protected meadows mowing; we also help with green buildings construction (the most frequent material being straw). We help in wildlife centers and on organic farms. You can also lend a hand with restoration of orchards in an abandoned village in the Sudeten region. Do you like history? Come with us to help with a conservation work at a castle or to build an open-air museum or experimental archeological center.

Work is not the only thing our camps are about – having fun is also important. You should expect days (sometimes even nights) full of experiences, action, games, and maybe even old crafts. Each year, the themes of our camps are different – you can find educational and self-development events, long canoeing or cycling trips, or even games-oriented camps (with a camp-long game based on adventures of mammoth hunters, settlers in uncharted lands, or palace guard recruits, to name just a few).

We have also been organizing camps in foreign countries for a couple of years now. We help our fellow countrymen in Romanian Banat and mark hiking trails in Carpathian Ruthenia. For many years now, our volunteers have been helping with a school construction in Ladakh in North India (this particular activity is called “Brontosauři v Himálajích”, “members of the Brontosaurus movement in the Himalayas”).

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Volunteer group

Do you live in Brno? Join our volunteer group, discover how the project works and meet other people with similar worldviews. If you want to and can, help us.

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