Cake for Brontosaurus

Last weekend I was part of the big group of people who were preparing A CAKE for Brontosaura! Almost 600 people gathered together to make DORT pro Brontosaura. What is it? It's the greatest celebration in the last 40 years of my organization and the biggest celebration during my project as well. All of the best things are unplanned. And this was also true in this case . Somehow it happened that the end of our EVS was almost at the same time when our hosting organisation was celebrating its 40th birthday. And believe me, it couldn't have been better.

The event was three-day long and took part in one of the most beautiful towns in Czech Republic – Telc. Some of the Czech people say that Telc is the Czech Venice, some call it the most Italian place in Czech republic. That weekend it was very very special because it turns out to be the most brontosaurus town in the whole Universe.


IMG 2347


When you were entering Telc everything seemed pretty normal and usual until you entered the area of the festival which became Brontoland for 3 days with its special citizents - Brontonation. Dances, songs, games, excursions, walks, sightseeing, concerts, cooking, discussions, sharing different experience, meeting friends from the whole country and just having fun for whole three days – that's what we've experienced during this celebration.


Program was made very carefully and was well planned. Every minute something was happening, everyone had a possibility to choose whatever they wanted. If you wanted to play - you were joining people who were playing, if you wanted to listen the story of the Brontosaurus movement – you had a unique chance to talk to the founders or to the people who were working in the organization for the last decades, if you just wanted to relax and enjoy the weekend – you could appreciate the views all around you as Telc is full of them.


Dort koncert


For me personally, the best thing there was the possibility to meet most of the people who became part of my brontofamily during the year. At the end of the project it's very important to see that after last 11 month you have a lot of people very dear to you and whom you will be always glad to meet again.


Dort Cirkus problem


Being a part of Hnuti Brontosaurus is not only about work and volunteering, it's about friendship and making this world a better place, because Brontosaurus is not just an organization, it's a state of mind and I'm glad that I can share it.

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