Brontosaurus speaks English

Did you hear the latest news? Or maybe you were travelling somewhere and the rumors haven't reached you yet. Brontosaurus started speaking English! How was it? It was exciting, funny, vigorous and super intercultural! (Czech version)

Last weekend we organized the first Bronto vikendovka entirely in English which proved that Brontosaurus is a very intercultural creature who can speak not only Czech and English but also Italian, French, Spanish and Ukrainian.


The name on the event was “Show me Europe” which illustrated the general idea of the weekend. For three days 17 people in an amazing village Čejkovice were sharing their native humor, traditions, languages and views.


The main goal of the event was to share and present different cultures to the Czech youth who are interested in other countries and who are glad to meet foreigners from all over the world. During the event we were trying to keep everything in Bronto-style which means to connect fun and useful things, using non-formal methods and creating a very friendly atmosphere. According to the words of the participants and their smiling faces during the weekend, we accomplished our goal.


Show me Europe2

Ukrainian block on August 24, when Ukrainians celebrate Independence Day.


The idea to make an English vikendovka about different cultures was born this summer in June. There were two main reasons. First, it was the desire to follow our year events, where we presented different countries on our international evenings and to make a logical conclusion, united in one big celebration of intercultural friendship. The second reason was to let Brontosaurus finally talk to his friends in English, making first English event in the whole history of Hnuti.


Both ideas were accepted, extended and improved while intense preparations were being done by organizers from five different countries.


And then the big day came and the fun started.


During the weekend our participants had an opportunity to meet French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian cultures through a lot of different activities. They learnt how to speak in dialect of Rome, dance French paquito and Spanish sevillanas, how to “buy” a bride on Ukrainian weeding, and, of course, how to cook French, Spanish and Ukrainian meals.


All of the participants were very active and eager not just to receive but also to share, so they decided to present Czech Republic to their foreign trainers who were also very interested in finding something new about the country where they live but which they have still a lot to learn about. Thanks to our participants we will remember funny mazurka and the story about two brothers Czech and Lech for a long time =)


Also during the event all of the people who took part in it had a possibility to see a great Moravian village Čejkovice and feel a real spirit of Moravia in very interesting places around it which gave our event a very special feeling of being welcomed by local people.


It was a very intense weekend, where all of the people who participated were doing their best to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Having very interesting participants and well prepared organizers helped us to spend an amazing time, making new friends and sharing positive emotions during the learning process or just while we were having fun together. For all of us this weekend seemed to be too short but we were really glad that through this event we managed to make the summer of 2014 even more colorful and smiling.


Katya Keretsman, volunteer of European Voluntary Service


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