We help both in the Czech Republic and outside its borders – you can see our work in foreign countries as well. Apart from regular volunteers meetings and workshops organized in cooperation with our international partners, we currently have three international projects. We are building a school in the Himalayas, mark hiking trails in Carpathian Ruthenia, and help our fellow countrymen in Romanian Banat. Join us.
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Our projects outside the Czech Republic

Brontosauři v Himálajích

We have been helping villagers in Ladakh in India for many years now. We have begun the construction of an energetically self-sufficient boarding school in the village of Mulbekh. We provide both financial help and expertise. We help the local community to develop in fields of education, construction, and international cooperation. Each year, our volunteers go to Ladakh to teach local children and instruct their teachers.

More about the members of the Brontosaurus movement in the Himalayas project >

Our countrymen in Romanian Banat

In the unique environment of Romanian Banat, we organize work camps to help our fellow countrymen. Participants can experience traditional way of life of the locals, as well as their crafts, songs and dances, through work, trips and activities.

Hiking trails marking in Carpathian Ruthenia

We organize international volunteer summer camps in Carpathian Ruthenia. The main aim of these camps is to re-mark local hiking trails and get rid of any illegal disposal sites that we come across. This should stimulate the development of environmentally friendly tourism in this part of Ukraine. Last year, we re-marked hiking trails in the total length of 75 kilometers.