Action: Nature

Meaningful work and unconventional experiences – these words sum up the essence of Akce Příroda (“Action: Nature”, abbreviated as “AP”). It usually draws people who are interested in environmental protection and landscape conservation. It continues in the footsteps of an older project called “Akce Brontosaurus” (“Action: Brontosaurus”) which took place for the first time in 1974. Tens of thousands of people who are not indifferent to their environment have lent a hand to help since then. At the moment, we are taking care of 85 places in the Czech Republic. Join us.

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Akce Příroda – Pillars

Meaningful nature protection carried out by volunteers

  • We help right on the spot

  • We lend a hand with tree planting, orchid meadows mowing, or educational trails building; we also help animals in wildlife centers

  • We collaborate with experts

Experiential education

  • To reward participants for their work, organizers always prepare activities based on experiential education

  • Depending on a theme of a given event, we participate in all kinds of activities while making new friends

Lectures about nature protection

  • We get to know the places where we help

  • We visit places that are not accessible to the general public

  • We learn interesting information and try out unconventional activities

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Want to get involved?

Weekend events

Weekend events that belong to the AP project take place during spring and fall in various places of the whole Czech Republic. Each weekend event usually starts Friday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon. Participants help a given place and take part in unconventional activities prepared by our organizers while making new friends.

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Volunteer group

Do you live in Brno? Join our volunteer group, discover how the project works and meet other people with similar worldviews. If you want to and can, help us.

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