Action: Historic Objects

For our cultural heritage and to have fun – these words sum up the essence of Akce Památky (“Action: Historic Objects”, abbreviated as “APam”). This project usually draws people who are interested in historic objects and cultural heritage. It has three main strategic pillars – nature protection carried out by volunteers, experiential education, and lectures about historic objects and history. At the moment, we are taking care of more than 30 places in the Czech Republic. Join us.

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Akce Pamatky

Akce Památky - Pillars

Historic objects protection carried out by volunteers

  • Our volunteers take care of a historic object or a place to which it is directly connected
  • We help in chateau gardens, we clear out attics, we build or demolish walls

  • We collaborate with experts

Experiential education

  • A part of each event is reserved for rest and experiential education

  • We are learning Irish dancing, trying living in a Celtic village, fencing, solving a mysterious murder of a local lady, etc.

Lectures about historic objects and history

  • Takes a form of a guided tour, experiential education, or a simple lecture – depends on a historic object in question

  • We visit parts of castles and chateaus that are not accessible to the general public


Want to get involved?

Weekend events

Weekend events that belong to the APam project take place during the entire year (with the exception of a summer vacation period) in various places of the whole Czech Republic. Each weekend event usually starts Friday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon. Participants work on historic objects and take part in unconventional activities prepared by our organizers while learning something from our history.

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One day events

During one day events, we take care of small-scale cultural heritage. The majority of one day events fall under the DRAK project which maps small-scale sacral architecture in the country.

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Field trips and lectures

Education is also part of this project. We give lectures at high schools and periodically organize sightseeing tours around Brno led by experts.

Volunteer group

Do you live in Brno? Join our volunteer group, discover how the project works and meet other people with similar worldviews. If you want to and can, help us.

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