Programy pro školy

Chcete ozvláštnit výuku ve vaší škole? Vyberte si z našich středoškolských přednášek. Vedou je zkušení lektoři, kteří umí rozpoutat diskuzi a aktivně zapojit všechny studenty. Můžeme také připravit program na míru.

Vyukove programy pro stredni skoly


Programy v angličtině

The aim of the workshops is

  • to give pupils up-to-date information about environmental issues,

  • engage them in discussions about global problems and eco-lifestyle,

  • help them form environmentally friendly everyday habits.

The workshops can be designed for 45 or 90 minutes. They include introduction to the topic, interactive or creative exercises, group discussions and group work, watching videos on the topic (with native speakers), conclusion.


Possible topics for workshops

  • Climate change

  • Sustainable development (Is “green” life possible in the city?)

  • Food: good for nature, good for health

  • Water and energy saving

  • What is green transport

  • Nature protection

  • Is zero waste possible? (Taste the waste)